Willam B. Green-Burns, Ph.D.


Associate Professor of Education
Instructional Leadership and Support
Bibb Graves 221B/205.652.3667
Professional Biography:

I began my career in 1969 teaching @ Central Alabama Academy. 7th grade science & math, as well as 1st & 2nd year Algebra. I then taught for the next two years a St. James School in Montgomery. There I taught 5th grade PE, civics, American History and world History as well as geometry. I moved to Selma, Al in 1973 where I worked as the Counselor at Wallace Community College. I also served as a recruiter and financial aid officer. In the Summer of 1975, I moved to Tuscaloosa to do my doctoral work. I graduated in 1979, and became the Director of the Bibb County Satellite Center for Indian Rivers Community Mental Health Center. In 1981, I was transferred to the main center in Tuscaloosa. I served as a general therapist, was the director of a group home for delinquents and I ran Shelter Care for runaways and children who were removed from their homes. I also performed all of the probate commitment hearings in Tuscaloosa County. Late, I became the Director of Children’s Services. I resigned after 16 years and went into private practice at Behavioral Health Services in Tuscaloosa. I worked as a group therapist in a partial hospital program for adolescents and adults. I came to UWA in the fall of 1995.

Education: Ph.D., University of Alabama, 1979
M.S., Troy State University, 1972
M.S., Troy State University, 1971
B.A., Spring Hill College, 1969
Employment Date: 1995
Classes usually taught:

SC 540 SC 541, SC 542, SC 543, SC 547, SC 546, SC 642, SC 643, SC 644, EP 500, EP 506, ED 504, ED 506

Additional UWA Assignments:

On occasions, I have supervised intern students. I have served as President of the faculty senate which has required membership in many committees.


Currently, I am on the College review group for the COE, the insurance committee. A committee honor veterans, an AD hoc committee to review the faculty evaluation process, various search committees and the Academic integrity committee

Current Projects:

Working on a presentation for the Alabama Counseling Association on bullying; Serving as a supporter and counselor for the Campus School. Will start a bullying prevention group at Sumter Academy this fall, Will present at the AISA conference this month. Will present at Dr. Edison’s workshop this fall. Will do a “How to take the Comprehensive Exam Workshop in October.

Recent Presentations:

Alabama Counseling Association(last three years)Bullying prevention at Southern Academy, September-How to take the comprehensive examinations for online and on campus students

Other Recent Notable Works:

Have written articles for the campus school, online and COE newsletters, as well as the Muse.