Roger Campbell, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Chair, Department of Physical Sciences
Station 23
Wallace Hall 407F
(205) 652-3873
Degrees: Ph.D., University of Alabama, 2008
B.S., University of West Alabama, 2001
Employment Date: 2007
Classes usually taught:

CH 101 - Introduction to General Chemistry
CH 102 - Introduction to Organic Chemistry
CH 111 - General Chemistry I
CH 112 - General Chemistry II
CH422 - Instrumental Analysis
CH 422 - Instrumental Analysis

Recent Publications:
  • Jason Manning, Roger Campbell, Renee Woo, Brenda O'Neil,
    Leigh McKenzie, and Martin G. Bakker, Velma Montoya, and
    George Havrilla, "Development of Nano-Micro-Macro-Structured
    Porous Nickel Electrodes for use in Supercapacitors", Materials
    Research Society Symposium Proceedings 973E, 2007, paper no.
    0973E-BB07-06, in Mobile Energy edited by A. Nathan, G.
    Amaratunga, M. Nookala, L.G. Scanlon, E. Morinobu. Warrendale,
    PA, 2007.
  • Jason Manning, Roger Campbell, Martin G. Bakker, Xuefa Li,
    Dong Ryeol Lee, and Jin Wang, "Development of 3-D Magnetic
    Nano-Arrays by Electrodeposition into Mesoporous Silica Films",
    Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings 961E, 2007,
    paper no. 0961-O07-02, in Nanostructured and Patterned Materials
    for Information Storage, edited by Z.Z. Bandic, M. Rooks.
    R. Berger, T. Ando. Warrendale, PA, 2007.
  • Roger Campbell, Martin Bakker, George Havrilla, Velma Montoya,
    Ed Kenik, Mohammed Shamsuzzoha, "Preparation of Mesoporous
    Silica Templated Metal Nanowire Films on Foamed Nickel Substrates",
    Microporous & Mesoporous Materials 2006, 97, 114-121.
  • Roger Campbell, Martin Bakker, Claude Treiner, Jean Chevalet,
    "Electrodeposition of Mesoporous Nickel onto Foamed Metals Using
    Surfactant and Polymer Templates," Journal of Porous Materials 2003,
    11 (2), 63-69.