Alabama Department of Public Health

Area 2---Tuscaloosa, AL

Area 7---Camden, AL

Area 9---Grove Hill, AL

Activities: Interns become familiar with the organization, functions and responsibilities of Alabama health departments. The types of experiences vary depending upon the time of year and the site. Generally, the intern is introduced to the following areas: sanitation; communicable disease control; epidemiological investigation; public health laws; pubic relations and communication; small animal, insect and rodent control; analysis of water, food, milk and dairy products; inspection of food establishments, motels, hotels and organizational camps, swimming pools, sewage disposal systems and water supplies; environmental pollution; milk sanitation; solid waste disposal; nuisance complaints; radiological health; occupation health and industrial hygiene; accident prevention and disaster sanitation.

Prepare Application Packages For:

Area 2

Mr. Greg Utley

Alabama Department of Public Health Area 2

P.O. Box 70190

Tusclaoosa, AL  35410


Area 7

Mr. Robert Jones

Alabama Department of Public Health Area 7

P.O. Box 547

Camden, AL  36726


Area 9

Mr. Jackie Holliday

Alabama Department of Public Health Area 9

P.O. Box 477

Grove Hill, AL  36451