Baldwin Hill
Livingston, AL

Birmingham Public Library Archives
Birmingham, AL

Brown Hall
Athens, AL

Burrelson House
Decatur, AL

Cedarhurst Mansion
Huntsville, AL

Cleveland House
Suggsville, AL

Founders Hall
Athens, AL

Demopolis, AL

King House
Montevallo, AL

Coatopa, AL

Main Residence Hall
Montevallo, AL

Lowndesboro, AL

McCandeless Hall
Athens, AL

Palmer Hall
Montevallo, AL

Pickens County Courthouse
Carrollton, AL

Reynolds Hall
Montevallo, AL

Sloss Furnaces
Birmingham, AL

Sturtivant Hall
Selma, AL

UNA Bookstore
Florence, AL

Upchurch House
Livingston, AL

Alabama Ghost Stories

The tales presented in this Web Site are transcriptions of oral narratives provided by residents of Alabama.  In other words, they have been written down exactly as they were recorded in order to preserve the flavor of the oral performance.  None of the informants is a professional storyteller.  All of these stories are legends--oral tales that are based on fact but have been embellished down through the years.  Although some variants of these stories have appeared in print, there is, from the viewpoint of folklorists, no definitive version of a genuine legend.  Therefore, do not be surprised if these stories do not "sound" like the versions that you have heard.

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